one of those good people (2017)

A narrative short written by Evan Beamer and to be directed by Evan and Adam Beamer, known for their recent feature film Armed Response (2013) starring Ethan Embry and Michael Gladis. In GOOD PEOPLE  we follow the  lives of Dougan, a man who is down and out, and Kate a young social worker in LA. Their "by chance" encounter soon proves to be of  greater importance. Production is slated for August of 2015.

TIOGA (2017) 

A narrative feature currently in it's first draft written by 2.35 partner Nicole Cosgrove with story and development help from her partners Ludovic Littee and Spencer Gillis.  Tioga is set in a small town in the northwestern corner of North Dakota.  We follow Alex Youngbird Scott as she attempts to hide from the perils of her old reservation in an oil boom town full of trouble. She finds it harder than she imagined to blend in with the throngs of other "outsiders" that have flocked to the region in search of easy money. 

The 2.35 team will produce a short version of  TIOGA which is slated for production in fall of 2015.

THE TOUR (2017)

A narrative feature currently in it's third draft written by 2.35 partner Spencer Gillis. THE TOUR is a dark, drama-thriller that traverses the moral dilemmas faced by Tess, young woman who fights to save her mother from terminal pancreatic cancer in a not-so-distant dystopian future without gas, running water, or utilities. Tess takes extraordinary and unorthodox actions to overcome the prospect of losing another parent.

GUN (2018)

A narrative feature adaptation of 2.35 partner Spencer Gillis' 2013 award winning short film of the same name.